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Newgrounds Has Spoken

Posted by skull900 - November 16th, 2018

Doubt anyone will see this but bleh.

So earlier this year, I decided to test out Newgrounds as a back-up for the sprite skits that I make, which are primarily uploaded to YouTube. The first few videos got an alright response (middle-of-the-pack usually in ratings,) but the response to my most recent video kinda convinced me that maybe NG isn't the place for most of my stuff, at least in video form.

My videos, for the most part, are kinda like narrated sprite comics (or at least, that's what one person on YT told me years ago.) I figured that maybe things would work a bit better if I took the frames from said videos and, just for NG, make sprite comics out of them instead. Considering the stuff that I do, they wouldn't be updated terribly often, but it'd be something I guess. There are a couple machinima projects that I wanna work on which would still be uploaded here, but as far as the sprite videos go, I'll just keep the videos on YT and Dailymotion while making comics out of them for NG. It'll even give me an opportunity to go back to super-old videos and change some things about them that I think could use a good revision.

Wanted to end this by saying that I respect the community and the standards they have. It just took this dummy a little while to get that his vids didn't really fit in. :P

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i checked out the last video you posted and it is okay. just here there is a high standard what sucks even artists get it ( not audio from what i have noticed) but i don't think you should stop uploading to be honest. you only have been posting on here 4 months ago and you never get good ratings in that or even fans for that matter. i had to struggle for litterly a full one and a half year to even be noticed so i think you should still post stuff that you enjoy making. as well as the greatest thing here is you can always get feedback. just because you got some bad ratings on only 6 movies you posted doesn't mean people won't like your work in the future. it just takes time to find the people who do like your work and are willing to see you progress instead as on other social media's that they just follow you because it's easy. but thats what i think. i hope you continue to stay here and enjoy what you make in the future.

The last video I had here I deleted earlier due to a particularly poor reception. I do wanna keep uploading content here but I do think at the moment that the sprite skits I make would be better translated to comics for NG. I understand that people here want better animation than what I typically go for, and that's perfectly reasonable. I was uploading here (in addition to having back-ups for the YT uploads) to test the waters and I think if I did the videos as comics for NG, the expectations will be a little different.

Thanks for the kind words though, and I hope the future is good to you as well.